About Us

Guiding you along your journey to achieving greatness.

Our mission is to be a leading provider promoting self-sufficiency and resilience among victims of domestic violence, sexual assault & child abuse within low-income minority groups.

How We Started 


Guardian Angel Social Service Agency Inc. was founded in June 2005, by Ms. Mercedes B. Peguero, MPA, a survivor of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault/Abuse. In the beginning, Mercedes operated as a solo project hosting virtual and onsite fundraising for other established charitable organizations helping the same target population. 

Then in 2019 Mercedes, after careful study and direct interaction with the target population, found a tremendous void of dedicated quality service and decided to finally take a leap of faith by founding GASSA with the goal to provide more of the much-needed hands on services that would encourage survivors to be resilient and seek self-sufficiency. 

Over the last 15 years, GASSA has assisted many organizations globally in providing similar services impacting 120,000+ children and families, many of whom have become successful self-sufficient individuals contributing to society in a positive way.

How We Help 

We provide tools that promote self-esteem, healthy relationships, mental health, positive parenting, job readiness skills.

We assist with acquiring safe housing, financial literacy, financial living assistance and educational enhancement in hopes of assisting them with becoming self-sufficient and operable again within the community.

We take a holistically approach to meeting the demands of equal, ethnic-culturally diverse service delivery that will be available on a long term basis. Clients know they have Guardian Angel Social Service Agency as a safe haven for years to come as a resource during their most vulnerable moments in life.





Guardian Angel Social Service Agency Inc. is governed by an active board of directors ensuring our activities are in full alignment with our vision, mission, strategy and goals.  The Board has the overall responsibility for fiscal management; strategic planning and program oversight.


Meet the Team!

Mercedes B. Peguero, Chairman of the Board

DeMarcus Jordan, Vice-Chair

Phleshett Foster, Secretary

Deborah Evans, Bookkeeper

Dr. Sabrina McKenzie, Board Member

               Patricia George, Board Member

                Debbie Ashton, Advisor

 Levi MacSheen, Board Member

                John Barfield, Board Member

The Initiatives We Serve


Financial Stability

     Children/Youth Education

     Career Development


  Women's Initiatives